Issue Twenty Eight – 22 March 2011

A Few Words

Welcome to a special issue of the newsletter and below you will find details of the consultation on synthesis along with information on the Workforce development on-line seminar this Friday. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or anyone from the team. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

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Consultation on synthesis

The support and synthesis team has been working on an overview synthesis of the Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development programme. The synthesis report, “Institutional Innovation Issues from Three Perspectives the Learner, the Employer, the Institution” can be found here (

We are gathering views and responses to our work. It is not even necessary for you to have read the report to answer some questions we have about key issues emerging (but the report might help explain why we are asking these questions).

To gather views we have constructed a questionnaire. We would be very grateful if you could take about 15-20 minutes to engage with the process and give us some guidance. Thank you very much.

The questionnaire is here: [Link]

Workforce development on-line seminar

Friday 25 March, 1200-1300

The fourth and final seminar in our innovations series takes two perspectives on workforce development: that of the learner and that of the institution.

We will be focusing on technology developments in this seminar, however, it must be noted that the field is complex and currently a climate of political uncertainty is pervasive. On the one hand, never has there been a greater need for innovative approaches to personal, professional and institutional development, and yet in recent years never has there been such uncertainty as to the direction this might take.

We look forward to you joining the seminar on Friday


Dr George Roberts
Senior Lecturer, Educational Development Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development

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