BRII Stakeholder Analysis Report

Recently Cecilia Loureiro-Koechlin from the BRII project announced that they had reached a project milestone by completing their Stakeholder Analysis report.

BRII are looking to develop a scalable infrastructure at the University of Oxford that allows for the sharing of research activity data and the report describes the basic problems faced by BRII in a large and heterogeneous institution and how they went about getting solutions.

Previously I wrote about the Stakeholder buy-in themed assembly that the BRII project hosted. For those who attended, this document is the culmination of the work presented by Cecilia.

I can’t really do the project or the report any justice in these few words so I would suggest that you have a look at what BRII are doing for yourselves.

The report in PDF format can be viewed or downloaded (here)

Mitul Shukla

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