Issue Thirty – 6 May 2011

May 5th, 2011 by admin

A few words

There are plenty of things happening over the next few weeks and months – ranging from BR assemblies to follow on events, from conferences to new publications. As ever, please feel free to contact us if you need any help or support with your plans and projects.

Emma Anderson

Assemblies and Programme events
  Workshop to explore eportfolio based pedagogies for WBL
  LLLWFD Assembly on ID Management (Trusted Relationships)
  Exploring the impact of funding models on work-based education
  Work-based learning maturity toolkit
  Report on the Co-gent BR Project Workshop
Conferences and events
  Leveraging social networks for learning
  Student transitions swap shop
  2nd Quality in e-Learning Conference
  Developing Digital Literacies
  Sustaining and Embedding Innovations: Good Practice Guide
  Critical Friends: Effective Practice Guide
Funding opportunities
  Call for Projects in Developing Digital Literacies
News in brief
  Confused by copyright? In the dark about IPR?

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Issue Twenty Nine – 6 April 2011

April 6th, 2011 by admin

A Few Words

In this issue of the newsletter, you will find a report on the final SSBR innovation seminar, Benefits Realisation projects, assemblies, events and publications. The programme has now officially come to an end, and on behalf of the team, I would like to say how much we have enjoyed working with you all and learning about your research and activities. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us if you need any support or information over the next few weeks.

Emma Anderson

Innovation Seminar no 4
  WFD: Issues for the Learner and the Institution
Benefits Realisation
  MUSKET-BR workshop – Supporting LLL & WFD
  Validation Assemblies
Project Outputs
  APEL tool developed by the PINEAPPLE project
Conferences and Events
  Linking London Development Project Fund Dissemination Event
  Rising to the Challenge: Frameworks for Employability
  2011 Online Learning Futures Festival Follow the Sun
  Linking London Lifelong Learning Network Event
  SEEC: An Introduction to Credit and Credit Frameworks
  Creative and Innovative Viewpoints in Curriculum Design
  The Sixth International Blended Learning Conference
  JISC Conference 2011 Videos and Goody Bags
  Transforming Curriculum Design – Transforming Institutions
News in Brief
  JISC e-Learning Programme – JISC on Air
  Know your Publishing Rights

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Workforce Development: Issues for the Learner and the Institution

April 5th, 2011 by Emma

This seminar explored the key issues for the learner and the institution arising from the synthesis work. The discussions are summarised below under each issue.

Institutional frameworks for validation and accreditation

Learners and institutions need a process for enabling collation and assuring coherence in awards based on credit gained from various courses. Participants thought standardisation across the institution, or standardised sectorally and/or regionally according to particular needs, was desirable, although it was recognised that there should be an aspiration towards national standards. Read the rest of this entry »

Issue Twenty Eight – 22 March 2011

March 21st, 2011 by admin

A Few Words

Welcome to a special issue of the newsletter and below you will find details of the consultation on synthesis along with information on the Workforce development on-line seminar this Friday. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or anyone from the team. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

Best wishes


Consultation on synthesis

The support and synthesis team has been working on an overview synthesis of the Lifelong Learning and Workforce Development programme. The synthesis report, “Institutional Innovation Issues from Three Perspectives the Learner, the Employer, the Institution” can be found here (

We are gathering views and responses to our work. It is not even necessary for you to have read the report to answer some questions we have about key issues emerging (but the report might help explain why we are asking these questions).

To gather views we have constructed a questionnaire. We would be very grateful if you could take about 15-20 minutes to engage with the process and give us some guidance. Thank you very much.

The questionnaire is here: [Link]

Workforce development on-line seminar

Friday 25 March, 1200-1300

The fourth and final seminar in our innovations series takes two perspectives on workforce development: that of the learner and that of the institution.

We will be focusing on technology developments in this seminar, however, it must be noted that the field is complex and currently a climate of political uncertainty is pervasive. On the one hand, never has there been a greater need for innovative approaches to personal, professional and institutional development, and yet in recent years never has there been such uncertainty as to the direction this might take.

We look forward to you joining the seminar on Friday


Dr George Roberts
Senior Lecturer, Educational Development Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development

Issue Twenty Seven – 9 March 2011

March 8th, 2011 by admin

A Few Words

As the programme draws to an end, we are pleased to give you details of the concluding seminar entitled ‘Learners and institutions: workforce development’. We hope you will be able to come along to discuss recent developments and to have your say. Below, details of the seminar are outlined together with the registration form and joining instructions. Please do not hesitate to contact any one of us if you need further information about the seminar or indeed any other aspect of the programme. Look forward to seeing you soon.


Innovation Seminars
  IS IV: Learners and Institutions: workforce development
  IS III: Employer Engagement Report
Benefits Realisation
  Validation Assemblies
Project News
  Sharing Approaches on Student Transitions
  Musket Roadshows: Mapping Course Descriptions
Conferences and Events
  Video in the Workplace: The Future of Business Communication?
  JISC Learning and Teaching Practice Experts Group
  How can ePortfolios support 21st Century Learning?
  CAL Conference 2011
  ELESIG Symposium: Students as Change Agents in a Digital Age
  2011 HEA Annual Conference: Changing Practice – Changing Times
  Studies on Flexible and Innovative Provision

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Issue Twenty Six – 14 February 2011

February 13th, 2011 by Emma

A Few Words…

Innovation in higher education can be seen in different lights. In the final synthesis of this programme we are looking at it from three vantage points: the learner, the institution and the employer. We have produced about 15 briefing papers now on topics ranging from mobile learning to mentoring in the workplace. We are finding that each topic can be seen from these three perspectives. We can see e-portfolios, for example, from the point of view of the learner: the individual who uses an e-portfolio to evidence statements or stories about their profession or employability, or who uses an e-portfolio system as a tool with which to produce and tell those stories. We can see e-portfolios from an institutional perspective: the education provider who uses an e-portfolio system to enable students to produce richer records of achievement than allowed for by a bare transcript. Or, who promote an e-portfolio system as an assessment tool; who may or may not integrate it with other institutional systems: records, VLE, etc. Or, from the teacher’s point of view who will have to implement yet another application, come to master it themselves and use it in a scheme of work.

Be sure to visit the SSBR blog “Developing Themes” where you will find our latest synthesis work.

George Roberts

Innovation Seminar III Employer Engagement
  25 February 2011 – Elluminate
Benefits Realisation
  Funding for BR Validation Assemblies
  CPD ID Management
  TEL-WFD Assembly reports on Impact and Sustainability
Programme News
  My Showcase
Conferences and Events
  JISC :: Financial Challenges – Digital Opportunities
  Internet Business Models on Sustainability – Workshop
  JISC Learning and Teaching Practice Experts Group
  International Blended Learning Conference 2011
  PLE Conference 2011
  ALT-C 2011 – Thriving in a Colder and Challenging Climate
  Network Project on Recognition of Prior Learning:
  Resource for HEIs on Employee Learning
  IPR Newsletter
Funding Opportunities
News in Brief
  SLiDA Final Reports
  Improve your Effectiveness with the JISC Impact Calculator
  Recordings from Innovating e-Learning 2010

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Issue Twenty Five – 17 January 2011

January 16th, 2011 by admin

A Few Words…

Hello and happy New Year. Welcome to the last three months of your institutional Innovation projects. The Programme is having wide and significant effects across the sector thanks to the good work you are all doing with your projects. At a recent JISC Institutional Innovation Working Group meeting I set out four of the ways in which the support project might be, in a small way, contributing to the success of the Programme. First through developing and implementing a Benefits Realisation programme (, projects have been enabled to extend and/or implement their work in other institutions and contexts. Second through direct support to the projects, and particularly through the encouragement of inter project collaboration via Assembliss ( projects have been encouraged to think and work across boundaries and to make links with other institutions. Third, through Synthesis work (, which has surfaced and analysed the cross-cutting themes of the programme and produced briefing papers for the JISC to disseminate programme-wide outcomes. And fourth, through the collation of a substantial database of programme outputs ( we are working to make your work discoverable throughout the JISC and higher education community.

So, noses back to the grindstone for the last push towards completion. Best wishes and best of luck to your projects. Remember, if there is anything you need, do not hesitate to get in touch.

George Roberts

Contacting Projects…

Ellen and Patsy from the SSBR support team for LLLWFD projects are in the process of contacting projects to arrange phone contact during January. The aim of contact in this final stage of the projects is to get updates of remaining support needs as well as gather information about project outputs and dissemination activities. They are also looking forward to meeting up again with projects, in person, at the JISC programme meeting for LLLWFD projects in Birmingham on 28 January.

  TEL-WFD Assembly
Benefits Realisation
  Collaborative expertise: TAG – The Alternative Guide (to UCLan)
Programme News
  e-Portfolio Communities of Practice
  Leeds Met synthesis of evidence-based research
Conferences and Events
  XCRI Linking London event
  Effective Assessment in a Digital Age Workshops
  SCEPTrE’s final conference
  JISC11 Conference
Publications and Resources
  East Midlands XCRI newsletter
  Access Unlimited. Access Protected.
  Supporting Workplace Study
  JISC on Air – Online distance learning
  JISC licences
  JISC makes Freedom of Information clearer for researchers
Funding Opportunities
  ITT: Competence Structures for e-Portfolio Tools Interoperability
  Opening up JISC Inform
  John O’Donoghue
News in Brief
  New study urges colleges to develop e-learning strategies
  IPR Risk Management Calculator
  JISC Digital Media Online Surgeries 2011

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Issue Twenty Four – 16 December 2010

December 15th, 2010 by admin

A few words

With 2010 drawing to a close, it is a good time to reflect on all the research, ideas, development, production and connections that have taken place over the last year – vast quantities of innovation. If you have not already done so, please don’t forget to register your place at the final LLLWFD Programme meeting on 28 January at Maple House in Birmingham.

On behalf of the team, I would like to wish everyone a very peaceful and festive break and look forward to seeing you all in January.

Emma Anderson

SSBR Seminars
  Seminar 2: Institutional Innovation and Change
  Seminars 3 and 4
Benefits Realisation
  BR Reports
  ASSET BR Workshop
  Gathering and Presenting Evidence for Impact and Sustainability
  e-Portfolio Community of Practice Activities
  Digital Resource and Identity Management
  Student Transitions Swap Shop
Conferences and Events
  Benefits of XCRI – The ′whys′ and ′hows′
  DevCSI Developer Days – Dev8D
  ALT C 2011 Thriving in a Colder and More Challenging Environment
  Effective Assessment in a Digital Age Workshops
  Innovating e-Learning 2010 Online Conference
  IPR newsletter
  Cooking up Networks, Community and Learning Environments
  Challenging Times, Challenging Curriculum(s)
  Leap2a: Enabling Portfolio Portability
  Concepts and Standardization in Areas Relating to Competence
  The Semantic Web, Linked and Open Data
News in Brief
  Collaborative Online Tools for Business and Community Engagement
  Providing Information that Helps Students Make the Right HE Choices
  Design and Delivery Programmes Podcast
  Richard Lambert, CBI

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JISC Online Conference 23-26 November 2010

December 14th, 2010 by Emma

For those of you who were not able to participate in the JISC Online Conference, here is a summary of the final two days of activity. Innovating e-Learning 2010 remains open for reading for registered delegates until 31st December, after which the recordings of the live sessions and all presentations will be available from the JISC website. Read the rest of this entry »

Issue Twenty Three – 22 November 2010

November 22nd, 2010 by admin

A few words

After two very successful events (full reports below), we are delighted to give you details of the second seminar to be held on Friday 3 December. You will find more details of this and other events in this newsletter.

Innovation Seminar II: Institutional change
LLL and WFD Programme Meeting
Festival of Assemblies 20 October 2010
  Reports from The Festival of Assemblies and Trade Fair
  One-minute movies
  Project outputs
Innovation Seminar I: emergent technologies
Future Assemblies
  CPD-Eng (Hull)
Conferences and Events
  Plymouth e-Learning Conference
  CAL Conference
  HEA Conference
  Social media helps universities attract the right students
  Supporting Learners in a Digital Age study (SLIDA)
News in Brief
  Digital Literacy and the role of the University
  E-learning from experience
  Strategic alert for senior managers in universities and colleges
  Educational purpose
  HEFCE funding for Foundation Degree Forward to end
  JISC: motivating and retaining students

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Institutional Innovation